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Hebei University of Engineering (HUE)

Hebei University of Engineering (HUE), jointly funded by Hebei Provincial Government and the Ministry of Water Resources of China, is a key provincial university, one of the provincial ¡°National Key Construction First-class Universities¡± and Civilized Unit of Hebei Province. It is located in Handan, a famous historical and cultural city, known as ¡°the Capital of Chinese Idioms¡±.

HUE houses advanced facilities for higher education as well as beautiful campus views. The new campus occupies 675 acres, with the total construction area of 766,500 square meters. HUE currently has 2,265 faculty members, among whom 1770 are full-time teachers. Presently, the university has 2,427 graduate students, 23,961 full-time undergraduates, and 156 international students. The university has 2 double-employed academicians, 1 recipient of ¡°The National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars¡±, 2 leading talents of Technological Innovation of ¡°Ten-Thousands Talents Program¡±, 2 national candidates for ¡°New Century Talents Project¡±, 2 ¡°Provincial Top-Talents¡±, 6 experts enjoying State Special Allowance, 8 provincial prominent educators, 3 candidates for ¡°New Century Talent Support Program¡± of the Ministry of Education, 8 experts enjoying Provincial Special Allowance, and 56 experts elected into the ¡°New Century 333 Talent Project¡±. HUE owns advanced teaching and research laboratories. The full-featured library has a total collection of 2.35 million volumes. HUE has established a 10-Gigabit fibre-optic backbone with a speed of 1000 Mb/s for the campus computer network and wireless coverage. A 3-A hospital, a primary and a middle school are also affiliated to HUE.

With a distinctive feature of engineering, HUE has developed a multi-disciplinary system, which covers 11 discipline fields, namely engineering, sciences, management, agriculture, medicine, humanities, economics, law, arts, education, history and the like. There are totally 87 undergraduate programs, among which 70 programs (80%) are related to engineering. HUE owns the only national doctoral program in Water Resource and Water Environment Regulation and Integrated Management and the only post-doctoral research station in Hydraulic Engineering in Hebei Province. It also owns 15 first-level graduate disciplines covering hydraulic engineering, geological resources and geological engineering, etc., as well as 12 professional degree programs namely MBA, Master of Civil Engineering and Water Conservancy, Master¡¯s Degree in Electronic Information, Master of Agriculture, etc.

HUE adheres to the cultivation-oriented concept and enjoys a good social reputation. It is qualified to recommend top students into graduate schools without entrance examinations. It has 4 national characteristic programs, 2 national undergraduate comprehensive reform pilot programs, 3 national first-class undergraduate programs, 1 national off-campus education practice base, 7 provincial experimental teaching demonstration centers, 4 provincial undergraduate innovation bases, 15 provincial first-class undergraduate programs, 8 provincial model programs, 5 provincial undergraduate comprehensive reform pilot programs, 4 dual bachelor education pilot programs, 2 provincial off-campus education practice bases, and 1 provincial simulation experiment teaching center. The university ranks high in its graduate employment rate and the employment quality. For more than 60 years since the foundation of HUE, over 200,000 graduates have made great contributions to the society in various research fields and all walks of life, many of whom have become outstanding professional and technical personnel, senior executives, and political elites.

HUE attaches great importance to students¡¯ innovation ability improvement. As one of the first model universities to deepen innovation and entrepreneurship education reform in Hebei province, HUE owns a Qinglan Mass Innovation Space which is accredited as one of provincial mass innovation spaces and provincial college students¡¯ innovation incubation centers. Since 2016, HUE students have won more than 600 awards in national science and academic competitions, including China "Internet+" University Student Innovation and Entrepreneurship Contest, National ¡°TRIZ Cup¡± Innovation Method Competition, Formula Student China, National College Student Robot Competition, etc., among which the best records include 1 bronze medal in the 3rd China "Internet+" University Student Innovation and Entrepreneurship Contest, 2 outstanding winners in the 6th and 7th National ¡°TRIZ Cup¡± Innovation Method Competition, the runner-up in the Robocon Finals of the 17th China University Robot Competition, top 10 of Formula Student China in 2015, 2016, 2018, and the first prize in CUMCM in 2018 and 2019.

HUE has made brilliant achievements in cultural inheritance and innovation. A campus culture with the spirit of engineers and craftsmanship is gradually forged, giving rise to the natural outlet of academic excellence. The project ¡°To Cultivate Engineers with the Great Engineering Culture¡± is awarded as one of Excellent Moral Education Projects by Department of Moral Education of Ministry of Education, as well as a provincial innovative case in ideology and culture promotion. Gandan Academy, Zishan Lectures, Moral Lectures, as well as The 129th Division of the Eighth Route Army Spirit Study Association all spread the fine traditional Chinese culture, the spirit of patriotism and the advanced socialist culture. Ancient architecture culture is also well-promoted. Ancient Architecture Museum in construction has already collected 1,700 pieces of ancient architecture components, among which the series of pagoda bricks of the Northern Qi Dynasty (AD 550-577) with high academic value is rare in China. Self-improvement culture is encouraged. Since 2006, 14 students have been awarded the Stars of Self-improvement of Chinese College Students continuously. The power of culture in fighting the epidemic is also demonstrated. The song ¡°Love at Dawn¡± created by HUE which eulogizes the spirit of fighting the COVID-19 epidemic is broadcasted in China Educational Television (CETV) and the national learning platform "Learn More to Make your Country Stronger". HUE¡¯s original works of art get the 1st prize in the 5th National University Student Art Show, Hebei Province Art Revitalization Award, and the excellent work prize of Five-one Project in Hebei province. Graduation songs created by HUE are awarded as ¡°the Original Campus Song of the New Era¡± in the national campus song promotion activities, and the recommended song in the 3rd National Most Beautiful Campus Song Competition. The culture of sports flourishes. Since National Twelfth Five-Year Plan, HUE has won 39 champions in national races such as the National University Athletics Championships. HUE track-and-field team won the championship in Hebei University Games for several times. 3 students broken Women¡¯s 10000 Meter Race Walk record, Men's Hammer Throw record, and Men's Triple Jump record in Hebei University Games, and 1 student was selected into the national track -and-field team. HUE men's basketball team participates in CUBA and gets national top eight for several times. People's Daily, Guangming Daily, China Education Daily, CCTV and Xinhua News all report about HUE culture activities.

The university has been constantly devoted to scientific research and obtained many scientific and technological achievements. Since the national Twelfth Five-Year Plan, the university has undertaken 138 national research projects (including 1 key research project supported by the National Natural Science Foundation), as well as 977 provincial and ministerial research projects. The university has published 1513 SCI and EI papers, and obtained 296 service invention patents. The projects presided by the university won 150 provincial and ministerial science and technology awards, including 2 first prizes of Hebei Scientific and Technological Progress Award, 1 first prize of Hebei Natural Science Award, 1 first prize of Hebei Outstanding Achievement Award of Social Sciences, 22 provincial Teaching Achievement Awards (4 first prizes) and 1 research achievement awarded Top 10 Geological and Technological Developments 2015. Besides hosting Journal of Hebei University of Engineering (Natural Science Edition, Social Science Edition), HUE also owns 3 academician workstation, 1 national technology transfer demonstration institution, 3 provincial collaboration and innovation centers, 7 key provincial laboratories, 12 provincial technology innovation centers, 8 provincial engineering technology research centers, 5 provincial industry technology research institutes (engineering laboratories), and 2 provincial social science research bases.

HUE attaches great importance to international exchange and cooperation. At present, the university has established a long and stable academic exchange and cooperation relationship with more than 50 universities from 19 countries including UK, US, German, Japan and so on. It has carried out dual degree and exchange programs with more than 20 universities and enrolled international students from Pakistan, Zambia, and Benin. It has 1 provincial Foreign Talent and Intelligence Attraction Demonstration Base. As the first editor unit, it co-founds, with University of Alaska (US), Loughborough University (UK) and Ukraine National University of Architectural Technology, World Journal of Engineering included in Elsevier¡¯s Scopus database and ESCI.

(This page was last edited in May 2020.)


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